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Whether you are working in a factory or even if you need to perform household renovations, you will want to have efficient tools in order to perform rapid calculations. Figuring out the weight of a metal bar or any other metal part will be difficult unless you have the Metal Weight Calculator.

Calculating the weight of a metal piece can become difficult because of the large size of most metal pieces and the heavy weights which prevent you from being able to use regular balances. The Metal Weight Calculator uses a simple method to figure out the weight.

When you have this tool on your mobile phone you will have to enter the diameter of the metal, the length, height and width in order to get the weight. The Metal Weight Calculator app will also require you to enter the specific type of metal being used.

Metal Weight Calculator is a simple app for calculating weights of different types of metals in various shapes. Intended for reference use only.

Materials Featured:

Steel, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Nickel, Copper, and more.

Shapes Featured:

Round, Sheet, Tube, Rectangle, and more.

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Planned Updates:

Calculations for more metals and shapes. Images and Graphs, and multiplier for different types of quantity.

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System Requirements:

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Metal Weight Calculator 1.0.1 Free Download screenshot